Golden Thread has been a pioneer in the field of Middle Eastern American theatre and has a long track record of producing world premieres and collaboratively developing original plays. Our programming consists of productions of new full-length plays; the ReOrient Festival of short plays; special community outreach events such as What do the Women Say?; and an ongoing multi-faceted Education Program, including teaching residencies, curriculum-based student outreach performances, and the Fairytale Players, a dynamic touring ensemble that performs family shows at schools, libraries and festivals.

Golden Thread helped launch the careers of nationally recognized playwrights such as Yussef el Guindi, Betty Shamieh, Denmo Ibrahim and Adriana Sevahn Nichols. We have premiered over 30 full length plays investing in highly individualized development processes increasingly supported through significant contribution from community leaders. Golden Thread accepts submissions of full length plays.

Golden Thread receives play submissions from around the globe through a growing network of international artists and artistic associates. To increase the impact of our vitally important work, Golden Thread initiates and commissions play development projects. Currently, we support three New Play Initiatives: Middle East America, Kimia, and Islam 101.

Special outreach events provide opportunities for partnership with other arts and community organizations.  Golden Thread provides a link between the Middle Eastern and non-Middle Eastern communities, as well as an environment in which different Middle Eastern communities may interact.  Our programs expose our substantial non-Middle Eastern audience members to the genuine voices and alternative perspectives of the region, while simultaneously serving Middle Eastern audiences who rarely encounter meaningful reflections of their own culture and experience in popular media and the performing arts.

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