"An amazing, magical performance for all of our kids" - Linda Chang, audience member at The Fifth String

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"It touched so many different experiences and memories people have of Iran" - Audience member at Mahmoud

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"Theatre that surprises, inspires and challenges" -Laine Forman, audience member at Dear Armen

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Isfahan Blues

The World Premiere of Isfahan Blues

Presented by Golden Thread Productions and The African American Shakespeare Company

Inspired by Duke Ellington Orchestra’s 1963 tour to Iran, Isfahan Blues imagines an unlikely friendship between an American jazz musician and an Iranian actress. As they travel together to Isfahan, “the most beautiful city in the world,” Jazz inspires them to test the limits of freedom, creativity, and experimentation. Watch Video

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Season 2015

Announcing the 2015 Season!

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Check out what we have in store for you this year: a co-promotional world premiere with The African American Shakespeare Company, the 2015 ReOrient Theatre Festival and Forum and a new Fairytale Players touring show.

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