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Golden Thread offers Middle Eastern and Middle Eastern American perspectives that challenge the negative, one-sided portrayals permeating the mainstream media.

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A Space Where People Can Be Their Bravest Self

Torange Yeghiazarian writes for HowlRound about what makes Golden Thread unique.

“This equips us with pluralism and a level of cultural competence that is rare. We are able to navigate terrains that to others may seem too unsettling or contradictory. But for us, it’s a very comfortable space.”

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New World vs. Old World

Dr. Michael Malek Najjar talks to the Our Enemies playwright Yussef El Guindi about Arab-American representation in the U.S.

“Arab and Muslim Americans are the recent waves of immigrants who are dealing with these tensions. It almost feels like an American rite of passage for different immigrant groups to go through gauntlet of suspicion before there is grudging acceptance.”

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