September 10–October 4, 2015 at Z Space & Z Below

Audience members tell us how our 2014 season made them feel!

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ReOrient Forum & Festival

ReOrient Forum & Festival

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ReOrient 2015 will turn San Francisco into a Mecca for innovative, spirited, and thought-provoking theatre from and about the Middle East. With short plays by playwrights from Iraq, Iran, Egypt, England, and the U.S., the latest ReOrient promises to be a one-of-a-kind exploration of this unique region and its theater, stories, and artists.

Sept. 10 – Oct. 4 at Z Space and Z Below
450 & 470 Florida Street, San Francisco

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Writing Beyond My Own Culture

From the ReOrient 2015 Blog: Playwright Emma Goldman-Sherman

“I didn’t set out to write a play about Iraq; a play about Iraq moved through me, probably because I am moved by how humans manage to live through violence and disruption.”

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