About Golden Thread Productions

Golden Thread Productions, founded in 1996, is the first American theatre company focused on the Middle East. We produce passionate and provocative plays from and about the Middle East that celebrate the multiplicity of its perspectives and identities. We are a developmental catalyst and vibrant artistic home to artists at various stages of their career. We bring the Middle East to the American stage, creating treasured cultural experiences for audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

We believe that immersing yourself in someone else’s experience is the best way to appreciate their point of view. Therefore, every play serves as an invitation to discover unexpected connections and engage in deeply moving conversations that last well beyond the life of the play.

Our programs expose non-Middle Eastern audiences to the authentic voices and alternative perspectives of the region, while serving Middle Eastern audiences who rarely encounter meaningful reflections of their own culture in the performing arts.

In our vast imagination, the Middle East is defined not by geographical boundaries and political separations, but as the shared experience of the people, who throughout history have been touched by its stories and culture. As such, Golden Thread’s work is borderless and serves to reorient the United States-Middle East relationship.

In 2013, Golden Thread was recognized by American Theatre Wing, the producers of the Tony Awards, for its important work in the national theatre scene, and was featured in the Bay Area in ABC 7’s Profiles of Excellence for its work in the local community.


Golden Thread provides a stirring forum for Middle Eastern and non-Middle Eastern communities and a supportive environment in which different Middle Eastern communities can interact. 60% of our mainstage audience is female; 70% is under 50; and 40% self-identify as Middle Eastern. Our youth outreach annually reaches 5,000 youth and families.

“[Golden Thread is] the fountain-head of Middle Eastern-American theatre and the generative force behind this major and growing new voice in American Theatre.” —Theatre Communications Group

“[Golden Thread] provides, in addition to a dependable variety of aesthetic pleasures, crucial space for public consideration and dialogue.” —San Francisco Bay Guardian

“At a time when the Middle East dominates the headlines, [Golden Thread] aspires to forge clarity out of chaos and incites us to look past the 24/7 media blitz.” —San Jose Mercury News

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