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Golden Thread often pairs with the Playwrights Foundation to bring exciting opportunities to work with excellent international playwrights right here in the Bay Area. Check out some of our previous workshop leaders, and don’t miss your opportunity to participate in our upcoming workshops!


presented as part of ReOrient 2009 - The First Ten Years
Golden Thread's Festival of Short Plays Exploring the Middle East (Nov 19-Dec 13)

Playwriting Workshop with Motti Lerner
December 2 and 3, 6pm - 10

Widely acknowledged for his political dramas that humanize difficult social issues, Motti Lerner, in this workshop will share his signature approach to developing complex characters that organically drive the plot. On the first day, each participant will submit a one page description of an idea for a play. The idea will be discussed and explored by the participants and the instructor. On the second day the participants will present a developed description of their ideas. These ideas will be explored and discussed again with the goal of developing a clear dramatic structure, including main characters and a synopsis of the plot. Space limited.


Directing Seminar with Hafiz Karmali
December 8 & 9, 6pm-10; and December 12 & 13, 11am-3pm

Golden Thread Productions’ guest director Hafiz Karmali will be holding a seminar on the art of directing for the stage. Sharing his version and subversion of mise-en-scène, the seminar will include both theoretical and practical components. Participants will form small ensembles, direct and discuss various scenes. Space limited



Past Workshops include:

2004- Octavio Solis
2005- Naomi Wallace
2006- Motti Lerner

2008- Naomi wallce

For more information about our playwriting workshops or to reserve your place in the workshop, please contact serge@goldenthread.org.

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