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We believe theatre can put a human face on “the other” and elucidate complex issues through personal stories. These are extraordinarily hostile times. Muslims, immigrants, and refugees are targeted and vilified by the highest levels of leadership in our country. And the mainstream media is dominated by negative and narrow portrayals stuck in victim or villain narratives.

Golden Thread is a haven in an environment of increased toxicity. For more than 20 years, we have amplified the voices of Muslim, Middle Eastern, and immigrant artists, and staged potent and timely plays that challenge these dominant negative stereotypes. We have accomplished so much: a body of work that spans over 100 plays, a radically diverse community of over 1,000 artists and 50,000 audiences, and unique programming such as the ReOrient Festival, New Threads, Islam 101, and Fairytale Players. Here are just a few of our accomplishments from 2017:


Founding Artistic Director Torange Yeghiazarian was honored by the Symposium on Equity in the Entertainment Industry at Stanford University.

Oh My Sweet Land transformed the Syrian refugee crisis into a personal experience through story-telling, food-sharing and conversation, appealing to diverse audiences from Glide Memorial to Google Corp.

ReOrient 2017 was the highest-grossing ReOrient Festival and the third highest-grossing production ever in the history of Golden Thread.

“A multi-layered, intellectually complex, and splendid piece of work”
The Huffington Post on Autobiography of a Terrorist

“Gripping. . . El Samahy’s storytelling is as riveting as her cooking.”
San Francisco Chronicle on Oh My Sweet Land

“An artful victory against casual prejudice, mistrust, and tragic headlines.”
SF Weekly on ReOrient 2017

Any one of these accomplishments would be cause for pride and celebration, but together they reflect remarkable artistic achievement and organizational recognition. For 20 years, we at Golden Thread have devoted ourselves to telling culturally-specific stories that highlight our shared humanity.

As the nation’s first and the Bay Area’s only theatre company focused on the Middle East, Golden Thread is particularly impacted by recent world events and their reverberation here at home. Our community has been singled out and our narratives are being fervently suppressed.

Extraordinary times require extraordinary intervention. Golden Thread is uniquely positioned to respond to the overwhelming shifts in our world. We need everyone’s help to continue our great work. Won’t you make a generous donation now?

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