Looking back at the past 20 years, Golden Thread has accomplished so much: a body of work that spans over 100 plays, a radically diverse community of over 1,000 artists and 50,000 audiences, and unique programming such as ReOrient Festival, New Threads, Islam 101,  and Fairytale Players.

Unfortunately, today’s political climate is worse than ever before; the Middle East is crumbling before our eyes; Islamophobia is at an all-time high; racist epitaphs are now acceptable political slogans; our children are growing up in a world filled with hatred and fear. How do we counter this avalanche of negativity and misunderstanding?

Golden Thread has been offering alternative perspectives of the Middle East for 20 years. We accomplish this through every untold story that we stage; every artist whose voice we amplify; every child that we help feel proud of her cultural heritage. 

But we can’t do this work without your support. Your donations help pay our staff, pay the rent, pay the artists, and the technical staff that support our productions.

We are asking you to make the most generous gift you can at this moment when changing the conversation on the Middle East in the United States is more important than ever before. 

“Working with Golden Thread remains one of the highlights of my writing life.
This is a theater that honours the written word, and produces excellent, inspiring shows.”

– Naomi Wallace, Playwright and McArthur Genius Grant Recipient

There are so many ways to participate!

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Our success is made possible by your support. Celebrate our 20th Anniversary by making a donation today.


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