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Golden Thread's Fairytale Players
Nasrudin's Magnificent Journey to Samarkand


Magical Journeys

Education theatre performances
incorporating story, music and dance from the Middle East

“Once upon a time, in the ancient city of Baghdad, there was a young girl called Jehan.  When Jehan smiled by day, the sun shone brightly.  When she smiled at night, the stars glittered and sparkled…”


Nasrudin’s Magnificent Journey to Samarkand is a visually colorful performance with dynamic story-telling, dance and music. It is adapted from several folk tales centered around the comedic personage, Mulla Nasrudin or Nasrudin Hoja, a wise fool renowned in Central Asia, Turkey and Iran. Idris Shah’s “The Pleasantries of the Incredible Mulla Nasrudin,” “Disturber of the Peace” by Leonid Solovyov and “The Hungry Coat” by Demi are excellent examples of Nasrudin tales. Nasrudin’s clever wisdom and propensity for exposing hypocrisy, frequently gets him into trouble. Audience members will be encouraged to reflect on the values highlighted in the performance and draw parallels to their own experiences. In this performance we follow Nasrudin’s adventures as he travels through caravansaries in Konya, Damascus and Isfahan before he arrives at his destination on the ancient Silk Route. Will Nasrudin and his faithful donkey ever make it to Samarkand, the center of arts and crafts on the ancient Silk Road? There is only one way to find out!

Magical Journeys, a costumed and fully-produced storytelling series, seeks to introduce new cultures through a variety of Middle Eastern legends and tales and presents a compact and economical alternative for smaller group presentations. A variety of Middle Eastern destinations are visited in successive journeys, over the course of a number of sessions, with two costumed storytellers as guides – music, dance, and puppetry are utilized in various tales along with audience participation.

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Highly encouraged by our past success with the Norooz Story and An Iranian Fairytale, Golden Thread Productions has created an ensemble to develop a repertory of carefully crafted performances rooted in stories, music and dance from the Middle East. Having successfully forged partnerships with organizations including: The Asian Art Museum, the Bay Area Discovery Museum, the San Francisco TheatreFest, the San Diego World Theatre Festival, Alameda County Libraries, the Park Day School, La Pena Cultural Center and the KZV Armenian School, Golden Thread remains dedicated to uncovering and presenting stories and themes of universality and social relevance.


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We can partner with your organization to build a package that meets your educational, production and cost needs. Please contact Torange for pricing inquiries and for bookings.

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