Golden Thread Fairytale Players

Golden Thread Fairytale Players offer a repertoire of youth-oriented educational theater performances based on stories and traditions from the Middle East.

Inspired by popular performance traditions such as Hakawati, Ru-hozi, Naghalli, Karagoz, and Commedia dell Arte, Golden Thread Fairytale Players employ epic story-telling, puppetry and circus arts techniques in creating performances that draw from enriching folk tales and important historical texts. Far from being archaic museum pieces, these dynamic and humorous shows invite audience participation and make unexpected connections to contemporary culture. Golden Thread Fairytale Players performances appeal to all audiences—children and adults—for their highly entertaining value and important capacity to develop deeper appreciation for diverse cultural traditions.

Productions include a post-performance Question & Answer session with the cast, as well as an informational brochure containing background on themes of the play and resources for further learning.

30-minute performances by two actors appropriate for families and children, ages 5-15

Upcoming Performances

Princess Tamar Rescues Nazar the Brave! at One Theatre World 2017
Saturday, May 6, 2017 at 9am
at Berkeley Rep Studio B (2055 Center St, Berkeley, CA)

Princess Tamar Rescues Nazar the Brave! at One Theatre World 2017
Saturday, May 6 at 10am
at Berkeley Rep Studio B (2055 Center St, Berkeley, CA)

Current touring shows

Princess Tamar Rescues Nazar the Brave!Princess Tamar Rescues Nazar, the Brave!

Bringing Armenian legends and traditions to life, this new work will feature two of the most popular Armenian fables: the love story of Princess Tamar, and the adventures of the brave Nazar, a beloved comedic hero of Armenian folk literature. Touring Bay Area schools in April. Performances in Redwood City are made possible in part through a generous grant from the Redwood City Civic Cultural Commission.

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21 Days21 Days that Change the Year

21 Days that Change the Year is a delightful performance frames an ancient tale from Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh within contemporary adventures of a sister and brother eagerly awaiting the coming of Nowruz. Starting from spring cleaning and setting a traditional Haft-seen table, to Charshanbeh-suri where children jump over fire, and the Sizdeh-bedar picnic which concludes the rite of spring ceremonies, 21 Days will introduce audiences to the rituals of the Iranian New Year, Nowruz.

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Teacher Testimonials

“The kids loved Golden Thread Fairytale Players! The plays were great because they were funny- first graders were connected to the actors and stories. They were all talking about it afterward”
San Francisco Day School

“The students were very captivated by the talented acting. I think also having just two actors made it easier for students to focus and get the message. Thank you!”
Roosevelt Elementary

“The program was excellent. It definitely broadened their perception of cultures. The students enjoyed the ingenious way the actors changed their parts. The kids went around mimicking the actors for days.
Hawes Elementary

“Engaging, thoughtful, and educational! We need these types of interactions to enhance our learning and grow as a culture and community! Great job!! We hope to have you back again very soon!” —John Gill Elementary


Student Thank You Cards




Actors Majd and Mo discuss the making of
21 Days That Change the Year

Video excerpt from
21 Days That Change the Year


Past Productions:

Nasrudin’s Magnificent Journey to Samarkand

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