Thursday, July 10, 2003


Editor -- National borders may be protected and preserved by armies but national identity and culture are protected and preserved by artists. It's through the arts that we know numerous ancient cultures long destroyed by enemy's military might. We can never fully secure our borders or protect our citizens from harm. No amount of military buildup, precautions, planning can guarantee our safety.

But for as long as there are artists (re) creating the American image and character, our culture will persevere, influence and thrive. This is why cutting the national arts spending exemplified in the proposal to abolish the California Arts Council seems completely misplaced.

But if we continue to invest in the arts and artists, you can be sure that for centuries to come future generations will have evidence of who we are: our hopes, fears and aspirations. This, no amount of military spending will achieve.

Torange Yeghiazarian, Artistic Director
131 10th Street, Third Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103 / 415.626.4061 /