Auditions: ReOrient 2017 Festival of Short Plays

Think you know the Middle East? Think again! ReOrient 2017 will turn San Francisco into a mecca for innovative, spirited, and thought-provoking theatre from or about the Middle East. Nowhere else will you find plays and artists from Armenia, Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the U.S. all on one stage. Selected from 79 submissions from 14 countries, the ReOrient 2017 plays that will be presented as an evening of theatre are:

MANAR by Melis Aker, directed by Erin Gilley
WAR ON TERROR by E.H. Benedict, directed by Sara Razavi
A IS FOR ALI by Sevan K. Greene, directed by Sara Razavi
THE REHEARSAL by Hannah Khalil, directed by Evren Odcikin
SHELTER by Junichi P. Semitsu, adapted as a sound installation by Torange Yeghiazarian
MAKE NO MISTAKE by Betty Shamieh, directed by Susannah Martin
THANKSGIVING AT KHORDABAKSHIAN’S by Torange Yeghiazarian, directed by Susannah Martin

Production Info:
Rehearsals to begin October 23, 2017
The festival performs November 17–December 10, 2017.
Production Venue: Potrero Stage (formerly Thick House), 1695 18th Street, San Francisco, CA
AEA contract: BAT Intro Tier with Health & Pension.

Sunday, March 12, at 12–4 pm
At the Annex above Potrero Stage (formerly Thick House)

Reserve Your Spot:
Equity and non-equity actors are encouraged to audition. Email your headshot and resume to to reserve a spot. You will be sent sides to prepare when your audition date/time is confirmed.

ReOrient will have an ensemble of seven actors, each playing multiple roles. We are looking for three men and three women. Age range is 20s-40s. Actors of Middle Eastern descent are encouraged to audition. Actors of all backgrounds, gender identification, and ability levels are welcome.

Some select roles from the festival are:

HENRY (40s, American, male): Father whose son has disappeared and might have joined a terrorist group, quick to anger, difficult relationship with women
LESLIE (40s-50s, American, female): Mother whose son has disappeared and might have joined a terrorist group, obsessive, and emotionally fragile
AMAL (20s-30s, Libyan, female): Osama Bin Laden’s young wife, has lived a hard life, wants to protect her children
AMY (30s-40s, American, female): Mistress to President George W. Bush, smart, cutting sense of humor, angry at the way she’s been treated
WALEED (30s, Arab-American, male): Young urbanite, in love with his wife, who is pregnant with their first child, ascerbic sense of humor
NAOMI (30s, Arab-American, female): Young urbanite, pregnant, intelligent, thoughtful, has a way with words
JUNIOR (20s, American, any gender): Airport security worker, young, idealistic, polite
DWAYNE (40s, American, any gender): Airport security worker, aggressive, uneducated
MR. SADAT (30s, Egyptian-American, male): Trying to get through airport security with his mom, who is not helping. Polite, professional.
WOMAN: Actress, political, must be good with physical comedy
WOMAN 2: Actress, has had many run ins with security forces, scarred, has a sense of purpose about her work, must be good with physical comedy
MAN: Actor, scared of the political implications of his work, must be good with physical comedy

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